Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poll: What module do you want the most?

Update: vote here instead.

There is still a lot to do before implementing another module but I want to know what is the most wanted of them all.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Version 0.0.3

  • added "remove from" (working for movies from genres, tags, keywords, countries, languages)
  • added version control
  • fixed Error: unrecognized override.ini path
  • fixed problem with localhost
  • fixed problem with imdb grabber and actors
  • some other changes
  • updated instructions for apache


Friday, February 19, 2010

About Figuritas

Figuritas is an open source media manager for Linux that is a little different from the rest. It is coded in bash, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and SQLite.

A picture worth more than a hundred words:
Ain't it pretty?
Don't worry about the OS X look, it is just a skin. It is running on Ubuntu Linux with metacity, the scrollbars are gtk. In future versions it will be possible to change themes.

It look like an OS X application but it works in a very different way. I will try to explain it.

By looking at the screenshot you could think that it is too simple and featureless application with no menu bar and almost no action buttons. For example there are no buttons for adding movies.

Figuritas is designed to be very simple but at the same time very powerful with a lot of room to add features without bloating the gui. Almost everything in the gui describes content and actions are contextual to that content. For example to add a movie you have to click on movies, a menu appears and you can select 'add', very simple.

As you can see, in the toolbar, there are some icons, those are modules. The only module working right now is the first one: "Movies"
There are two more modules that are not visible: arcades and comics. The idea is to bring the grabbers from avatar-factory and to make figuritas expandable.

Browsers & Icons
Now, take a look at the 'Browsers' panel on the sidebar:
As shown on the screenshot, it is possible to open any browser in the main view or in the sidebar.
You can see anything as icons and for some browsers you can set custom icons, thats the reason I named it figuritas. Figuritas is Spanish for sticker albums (albumenes de figuritas). When I was a kid, sticker albums were very popular. Now you can use figuritas to seek for good stickers (icons) to represent your favorite movies, directors, characters, etc... (It is very easy to do so)

In this version you can set custom icons only for movies, characters and people (directors, writers, etc...).

Tabs and Sub Tabs
In the next screen see what happens if you click on Johnny Depp:

Yes, a new tab opens, Figuritas has tabs, but thats not all, it also has sub tabs and every browser can have his own set of sub tabs.

For example, the sub tabs for movies:
The only tab working now is the subtitles tab. You can associate movies with videos on your computer and display the subtitles in that tab, then you can click on a line and the movie should open in that part (mplayer required)

Browsing anything by anything

In the last screenshot, the browser in the sidebar is set to directors and the main view to movies (browsing movies by directors) but you can do any combination: browse directors by genres, actors by movies, etc...

Also in the sidebar, there is a panel called "Filters", that panel is working but the idea (that isn't currently implemented) is to be able to add almost anything including existing filters to a new filter.
For example: Right click a genre and select "add to new filter" then a new panel appears bellow the Filters panel called New Filter and the selected genre as a logical operator (AND,OR,NOT). Then you can add more operators and eventually save the filter to the filters panel.

An application and a web site
Figuritas is in part a web site, that means that it can be accessed by other computers on your network, you can open Firefox and type: in the address bar and figuritas should appear.

It is not compatible with other web browsers right now but the possibilities are many, for example in future versions it could stream your movies using html5 video tags from one computer to another.

Version 0.0.2

fixed rating from the cli
fixed bug in "add movies" tab
fixed problem when searching and/or viewing actors and maybe other browsers
added apache as a conflict in rpm and deb packages
small changes to run with apache
added --bind flag
now it updates the port in prism but only if the folder gets removed
added integration with the upcoming version of imdb-thumbnailer
running figuritas from the cli should run the gui now.

With the bind flag you can associate movies that you already have on figuritas:
figuritas movies --bind "video_1.avi" "video_2.avi"

To add and associate use:
figuritas movies -a "video_1.avi" "video_2.avi"

imdb-thumbnailer integration:
With the next version of imdb-thumbnailer you will be able to automatically add and/or associate your movies with figuritas, also if you set a custom cover in figuritas for a movie that has a file associated the thumbnail for that file should be updated with the new cover.

Anyone who want to test it with apache should download the tar archive and read the readme file. I haven't test it and it will probably not work but you can comment this post for help.


Version 0.0.1

I had moved the description with screenshots here.

What should be working?
  • The movies module.
  • You can add movies.
  • You can add tags and tag movies.
  • It is possible to browse/view by any browser.
  • Search movies or any browser.
  • Filters are working.
  • Add movies from files urls or titles.
  • Rate movies from the command line.
  • You can set custom icons for movies people and characters.
  • You can associate movies with video files and play them from the GUI.

Anyone is welcome to test it, please report any problem.

Download (deb,rpm,tar)