Sunday, June 20, 2010

Version 0.0.6

  • Fixed "not unique messages".
  • Fixed char encoding bug.
  • Updated IMDB grabber to fix genres bug.
  • Fixed middle click problem.
  • Icons and themes tab have been joined in the new appearance tab.
  • Middle click on view opens a new tab.
  • Search behavior improvements.
  • Added python gui as an alternative to prism (testing) (figuritas --python).
  • Prevent duplicated tabs.
  • Massive javascript code improvements and optimizations.
  • Fixed high cpu usage.
  • New save/discard tab menu..
  • Rating improvements.
  • Improvements on menu behaviors.
  • The order menu works now but it doesn't get saved.
  • Initial hotkeys implementation.
  • New hotkeys F1 and ctrl+f.
  • Other changes.