Friday, September 10, 2010

Version 0.0.8

Added nested browsers (multiple browsers in the sidebar).
Moved filters panel to browsers.
Security fix.
Changed favicon.
Added flag -r id rating.
Edit movie information.
Removed control panel.
Added flag module.db.
Basic support for playing over the network (mplayer).
New hotkeys, see the help page.
Changes in filters, query and tabs.
Fixed search bug when searching multiple times.
Fixed playing from subtitles tab.
Removed Appearance tab and added theme option.
Fixed wrong language detection.
Localized imdb links.
Added basic support for translations.
Basic spanish translation.
Fixed: database is locked.
Speedup on adding movies.
New options movie_player and sidebarWidth.
Fixed false new version alert.
Lots of internal changes.


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